Pizzaz® Home Tree Decorating Tips

At Pizzaz® Home, entertaining and decorating are two of our favorite things. One of the best times of the year is leading up to the holiday season, when our in-house tree decorator extraordinaire, Sugar, starts putting her magic touches on trees, wreaths, and more. There will be more opportunities to watch her in action, but we are excited to share our first tree of the year, a stunning fruit tree, and the tree decorating tips that will help you create a masterpiece of your own.



Here are Sugar’s Tree Decorating Tips:

  1. Fluff your tree to give it body and volume.
  1. Add picks, stems, and greenery to fill in the blank spots to add more texture to your tree. Trim the stems so that they fit your tree. Also, the stems don’t always have to be pointing upwards. They can point downwards to add drama and extra pizzaz. 

Pizzaz Home Gulf Breeze Tree Decorating Picks

  1. Start at the top and add your stems, working your way down to the base.
  1. Take your time and be patient. You can always move things around as you go along.
  1. Take different lengths of ribbon. Tie them with a pipe cleaner then place them in the tree by finding two sprigs you can secure around the ribbon. We love crinkle ribbon because you don’t have to do anything to it; it is just naturally beautiful and easy to use. 

 Pizzaz Home Gulf Breeze Rose Gold Sequin Ribbon

  1. Tuck the garland in the branches so that it looks like it is naturally hanging on the tree. 
  1. Place stems, ribbons, and garland first, then place ornaments. 
  1. When placing ornaments, make sure to hang them on a tree branch and not on a pick or stem to ensure they are secure. 
  1. Invest in beautiful ornaments, such as Heartfully Yours by Christopher Radko, for your tree that you will love to use year after year. Spend less on plain bulbs. 

 Pizzaz Home Gulf Breeze Heartfully Yours by Christopher Radko Ornament

  1. To add texture, choose different styles of picks and stems: glitter, velvet, shiny, sparkly, etc. 
  1. You can still have a beautiful tree even If you have young children. Instead of ornaments at the bottom, add stems and picks to decrease the chances of anything breaking.

 Pizzaz Home Gulf Breeze Tree Red Velvet Poinsettia Stem

  1. Choose a revolving base to make your decorating easier. It also gives you an excellent 360-degree look at how your tree is coming along. 
  1. Once you are done decorating, go back and fill in the gaps. 
  1. Most of all, enjoy the season with your family and friends!

For each of Sugar’s trees, we place the same ribbon, ornaments, picks, and more underneath so you can easily recreate the look at home. We also offer custom trees, custom wreaths, garland, and more to help you simplify holiday decorating!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more beautiful trees and tree decorating tips this season! If you have questions about ordering a custom tree, please stop by or call us at 850.934.3436.

Happy Tree Decorating!